Multi-lingual typesetting
Do you translate manuals, technical documentation or advertising material into several languages? These translated texts need to have the same layout as the original texts. However, texts in translation can be much longer than the original language and every language has its own special characters. Hyphenation is also different from language to language.

Multi-lingual typesetting provides solutions for these issues. The layout of the original will not be changed; instead the specific characteristics and text length of the translation will be adapted.

I provide post-layout and typesetting services for translated documents, based on your copy. You will receive final artwork and copy in the language(s) you require, either as a PDF-file or in the respective DTP software file format. specialises in the 24 official languages of the European Union:

– Bulgarian – Estonian – Irish – Portuguese
– Croatian – Finnish – Italian – Romanian
– Czech – French – Latvian – Slovak
– Danish – German – Lithuanian – Slovenian
– Dutch – Greek – Maltese – Spanish
– English – Hungarian – Polish – Swedish
We also work with:
– Albanian – Chinese – Hebrew – Scottish Gaelic
– Arabic – Catalan – Japanese – Serbian
– Basque – Flemish – Macedonian – Turkish
– Bosnian – Galician – Russian – Ukrainian
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