Interlinea.de is extremely experienced in the field of typesetting and DTP services. The company is run by the DTP specialist Poli Quintana who has been working with typesetting, layout and book production for over ten years.

Design and production of final artwork and copy for:

– (Specialist) books
– Catalogues
– Periodicals
– Company documentation (annual reports, brochures, etc.)
– Technical manuals
– Academic publications (Master's and PhD theses, conference proceedings, etc.)

Each project requires specific final artwork and copy. You are the best person to define the individual needs of your product. Whether you require academic texts with high-quality tables and images, catalogues with high standards of image integration, design and typography or multi-lingual typesetting for technical translations, where the source layout must be maintained, Interlinea.de will carry out these tasks accurately, carefully and with a fine eye for the detail of layout and typesetting:

– Publishers
– Printers
– Museums
– Universities and authors of academic texts
– Individual authors
– Translation agencies
– Design agencies
– Companies
– Advertising agencies
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